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Do you want a ceremony experience that is heartfelt, breathtaking and unforgettable?

I believe that wedding ceremony is a gift you give to one another. It’s also a rare opportunity for you to share one of the most significant moments of your life with the people closest to you.

I am passionate about empowering people to have a ceremony that’s as important as all the other parts of their wedding. I am committed to showing you how you can create a ceremony like no other. I will work with you to create a ceremony which speaks to you, to your partner in a heartfelt, meaningful way.

As a Life Cycle Celebrant®, I am a wedding professional who has been educated and trained in the creation and management of wedding ceremonies. I am the only certified Life Cycle Celebrant® in Winnipeg.

If you are seeking a fully custom wedding ceremony, you have come to the right place!

Maybe you know exactly what you want from your ceremony, or maybe you are only sure of what you don’t want. It is my job to understand you and create the kind of ceremony that you want.

We will work together to craft your ceremony. I will strive to make this process relaxed, comfortable and enjoyable. I have a couple different methods to help me understand your vision, ideas or needs. It’s my goal to get a glimpse into what makes you tick as individuals and what reaches out and binds your hearts one another. I then weave all this into a one of a kind ceremony.

As a wedding ceremony expert, I can provide insight, input, research or assistance into readings, rituals, musical selections, procession, family seating, wedding party line up, or anything else you need or desire.

To create a meaningful and enjoyable wedding experience, I know that I need to write a ceremony and tell your love story in a way that inspires.

It’s not done
until you are totally satisfied

  • We communicate by phone or email until your draft is complete.
  • You can make any additions, changes or deletions if needed. You approve every word.
  • You own your ceremony.
  • Generally your ceremony draft will be in your hands about 2 weeks in advance of your ceremony.

Hand-Crafted Ceremonies

Custom ceremonies start with a clean slate. I bring no personal agenda, religious requirements or preconceived scripts to this process. I do bring an open mind, writing skills and expertise in ceremonies and rituals. I am trained to write and officiate one of a kind ceremonies that are amazing, inspirational, heartfelt, and unforgettable.

Crafting a custom ceremony
is my specialty and my joy.

I am deeply committed to helping couples create a wedding ceremony that is beyond their dreams and expectations.

The level of professionalism that you showed was really impressive. It was by chance that we found you, but I would certainly recommend your services to anyone that was looking for a marriage commissioner. It was perfect, thanks again Janet.
~ Garet & Jin

We had a very good experience with Janet as our celebrant. Her calm manner made us feel relaxed and comfortable. Janet was extremely accommodating and incorporated all our wants and needs for ceremony. She made sure it was what we wanted and we were very happy with the way our ceremony turned out. I would recommend Janet to anyone who would like a custom ceremony!
~ Erin and Rodrick